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Trader Personal data list: Full Name, Date of birth, Address, City, Region, Postal code, Phone number, Email.

Before filling out the account opening form, please read the short instruction how to fill out the form. Carefully check the options that allow you to select the server, account type, account currency and leverage:

Personal data

Your Full Name includes first and last name. Enter your full name as it is on the passport.
The information registered includes your date of birth. Select your date of birth from the calendar.
Enter your address of residence.
Enter your city of residence.
Select your region of residence from the list.
Enter your postal code of residence.
Select your country of residence from the list.
Enter a valid phone number. We send a short trader account access to your phone number.
Enter a valid email address. We send a full trader account access to your registered email address

InstaForex account access

Trader Account Type: Insta.Standard Trading Accounts, Insta.Eurica Trading Account.

Account type

The market quotes of major foreign currencies shall be indicated in charts with 5 (five) decimal places

Insta.Standard Trading Accounts: These types of accounts are relevant for standard trading terms on the Forex market, and work without a fee. Once the trader accesses all trading tools, he pays a fixed spread, when settling each deal

Insta.Eurica Trading Accounts: This account type requires no spread to be paid when opening a deal. All currency tools for Insta.Eurica accounts have zero spreads; that’s why the cost of a BID always equals the cost of an ASK. To open a deal, a trader pays a fixed fee, which equals 0.02 – 0.07% of the contract trading volume

You can open a trading account on one of our ten servers located in different parts of the world. Only quotes from InstaForex server in the UK ( include 4 decimal places. All servers are safe and secure for your account, so there is no fundamental difference among them

InstaForex Trading server location (The full list)

You can select a value of leverage from the list 1:1; 1:2; 1:10; 1:20; 1:50; 1:66; 1:100; 1:150; 1:200; 1:300; 1:400; 1:600; 1:1000
On this row you can specify your trading account currency such as USD, EUR, RUB, US cents, EUR cents. Select your trading account currency from the list

The system of Swap-free accounts offered by InstaForex doesn’t consider swaps when a position is carried over to the next day and at the same time it possesses all the account trading advantages

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In order to open an InstaForex company trading account, it is necessary to accept the Agreement that determines the order of conversion, arbitrage, and operation procedures. The Agreement requires no signing and has the exact same legal power as the regular signed contract

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